It has been a while since I started thinking about writing a technical blog about software development and computer productivity tips. The time has run out. It is time for concrete actions.
Throughout my academic (masters in computer science) and professional career (over 6 years) I have worked for small start-ups as well as Fortune 500 companies. I have been part of small and large teams. I have experienced benefits of working from home as well as working from a cubicle. I even had my own office at one point. I had a chance to interact with some very bright people as well as not so “gifted” ones. All these factors played a role in teaching me positive as well as negative software development practices. Even though it is my belief that it is important to learn from the best, we cannot disregard the value of learning from to put it gently not so good ones. My high school professor once said that no matter how good a book is, it is worth reading it. If a book is good, then you have an opportunity to learn what is good. If a book is bad, you get to learn what is bad. This idea can be applied to software development and computer productivity. Good code is great because we learn something that will make us better developers. Likewise, bad code teaches us what kind of mistakes to avoid repeating.
There is a dual purpose to Kul Aid. Main goal is to share the knowledge I have accumulated over the years. The secondary goal is to have centralized repository for good software development practices and productivity tips I could reference from any physical location. The hope is that other people will find them as useful as I have. Even if only one person adopts only one software development practice or productivity tip it would make my time investment into this endeavor worthwhile.

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