about me

My name is Slobodan Stipic, a.k.a. Slobo. I am a developer at heart and a software craftsman focusing on Windows platform. My professional career commenced after graduating from Virginia Military Institute in 2002. Since then I worked for startups and Fortune 500 companies where I had an opportunity to work with a variety of front end, mid tier and back end technologies. Today, as a Senior Software Engineer with Microsoft I’m building a one-stop-shop experience on the web for everything Microsoft and its partners sell. Outside of my day job my recent interest have been in the area of machine learning. I am also active in the developer community. I enjoy attending, speaking, and organizing user groups, code camps, and volunteering at GiveCamps. I’m currently the Vice President of .NET Developers Association where I am instrumental in evangelizing the user group and exploring new mediums in growing the .NET community.

As a former tennis player I take pleasure in working out. In the afternoons one can always find me either at the gym or in the swimming pool. I enjoy listening to the nature and spacing out while working out.

Even though I don’t wear the wedding band (due to allergies), I am married to a beautiful and hardworking Polish girl. We have no kids yet and our families live overseas. We love to travel and looking forward to our next big trip to Poland and Serbia to finally experience each other roots.

Still reading? You may find my resume entertaining as well.