Cracking Coding Interviews

Update 4/13/2015
Download the slide deck from here.

Would you like to live on the edge by joining a hot start-up such as Slack, Xamarin, or Snapchat? Maybe you prefer tech giants such as Google with their gourmet cafeterias or Microsoft well known for its work-life balance. Regardless which option appeals to you more, there is a single road that leads to the gate of job nirvana . The key to the gate is a coding interview on a whiteboard. That’s right, you will be asked to solve coding problems on the whiteboard without any assistance.

Whiteboard - cracking coding interviewsThis may strike you as a daunting task if you are unprepared. It does not need be. In the Cracking Coding Interview video below I discuss three key aspects to coding interview preparation which may help you crack that nut.

In the second half of the video you will see what an interview looks like as Carlos and I perform an unscripted mock interview. We do a role play where I act as an interviewer and he as a candidate. It brings out the kind of questions one can expect to face on an actual interview. Furthermore, it also provides an insight into the interviewer’s mind, exposing what the interviewer looks for in a candidate. Enough of teasing, go ahead tap that play button and enjoy the show!

Cracking Coding Interviews video recorded at Orlando Code Camp 2015

5 thoughts on “Cracking Coding Interviews

  1. Nice Slobo! You grabbed their attention right from the start with the white boarding / water boarding reference, and they never stopped listening! And you could tell their applause for the poor guy who tried to white board the binary algo was genuine and earned. 🙂

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