Orlando Code Camp 2015

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Update: 3/29/2015
Download the slide deck from here.

Do you want to join a hot start-up such as Xamarin, Slack, or Snapchat? Maybe you prefer fancy Google restaurants or Microsoft work/life balance. Regardless of your preference, you will need to jump over a coding interview hurdle. Come to Orlando Code Camp to perfect your “jumping” skills. “Cracking Coding Interviews” is the talk I wish someone had given couple years ago when I was chasing my dream of “breaking into” prominent tech companies. Join me on March 28th at Seminole State College to help you realize your dreams. Register here and add my talk, “Cracking Coding Interviews” to your agenda.

FYI First Timers, the event is completely free. They will even keep your belly full, thirst quenched, and brain caffeinated. Register here.

The slides from the talk will be posted here right after it finishes.

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