South Florida Code Camp 2013

WP_000890Of all the Code Camps I have attended over the years, South Florida Code Camp 2013 was the best organized and run code camp. Rightfully so, it was also very well attended. There were 15 tracks covering traditional topics such as .NET, Cloud, and also open tracks focusing on topics of UI and UX design among others. I was pleasantly surprised by the popularity of the design topics. The responsive design session by Thomas Robbins had standing room only. My session, “UX Design Principles”, was packed as well. If you did not have a chance to catch my session I invite you to come to Orlando Code Camp on March 16th. I will repeat the session with minor tweaks based on the feedback I have received so far. The slide deck contains lots of good information in the slide notes and the last slide with all the references contains a link to an excellent color theory poster. You may download the slides here.
Thanks everyone who attended my session and looking forward to seeing you all at Orlando Code Camp.

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